Shirou emiya reality marble fanfiction crossover

The last thing Shirou remembers before being engulfed by the portal of the corrupted Grail was having defeated Gilgamesh the King of Heroes by fully utilizing the Unlimited Blade Works. Shirou had been able to unleash his Reality Marble the way he did since in this particular timeline of events he had been using his Magic Circuits correctly and so they had never atrophied and the quality of all 27 Circuits was relatively high.

Shirou could clearly remember slicing off the right arm of Gilgamesh as he reached for some sort of trump card that gave Shirou a heachache whenever he glanced at it. Some sort of Noble Phantasm that was alien in nature and so could not be comprehended even through Shirou's particularly unique psyche. The battle ended with Shirou crisscrossing Kanshou and Bakuya across Gilgamesh's neck and proceeding to swiftly decapitate the Golden King.

That was when Shirou had a thought, as the King of Heroes was disintegrating. If he could save lives by defeating any foes, villains that come his way perhaps he truly could end up becoming a hero and fulfill the dream he had inherited from Kiritsugu. Yes, Shirou fervently wished that he could become an honest to goodness hero.

And that's what the Grail had latched onto before its power could fade. A portal had then opened and sucked Shirou in before he could so much as yell in defiance. In transit Shirou had bore witness to a variety of scenes. He saw other timelines of his Grail War, he saw futures wherein he had gone off to study at the Clock Tower with Rin, and he even got to see the original timeline wherein he becomes the Counter Guardian EMIYA and so on until he finally blacks out.

When Shirou awoke it was to find himself in an alleyway, a relatively clean one thankfully that did have a dumpster in it but it was in good condition so any trash was most likely safely deposited in it. The next thing Shirou noticed was that his clothes had changed into something more fitting in a Medieval setting since he was in a white tunic with blue sleeves resembling his old shirt's designblack breeches and then dark brown boots.

There also seemed to be a black jacket sitting on the ground next to him and it seemed to be in pretty good condition and so Shirou saw fit to put it on.

Shirou remembered being sucked into a portal created by the corrupted Grail and so he was wary of his surroundings all the while he was inspecting his person. Seeing no direct danger as it were he began to explore this city and ask around about where he was and whatnot.

What he learned astounded him. He was in Orario a city where most gods and goddesses resided after having descended from Tenkai and where the Dungeon was located. At the risk of sounding like a crazy person to the locals he had asked about more information on the Dungeon and what he was told blew his mind even more.

A structure where monsters spawned and adventurers made a living off of hunting them and gathering magic stones. He also learned of the currency, Valis, and other essential information like about the Guild and the system of familias. Shirou may have been dumbstruck at first at his new circumstance but he soon saw the bright side to being transported here.

The Grail had seen fit to send him to a world that needed heroes! Surely there will come times wherein he had to save other people from monsters and whatnot and he had a feeling there were unscrupulous types of adventurers that abused their power or were part of nefarious organizations and so on, he could feel it in his bones!

This was his chance! There was just one problem at the moment. He needed to join a familia if he wanted to start his life as an adventurer. It was the rule around here. And so Shirou began asking around if he could join a familia. But none would take him in since he didn't look particularly strong. That was the opinion of those he asked of course but Shirou did not let that deter him from his goal.

By Shirou's estimate it was around seven in the evening when he arrived in this world, and now it was around midnight from what he could tell.

And still, he was unable to join a familia. He almost gave up at this point but Shirou was stubborn, he kept walking around in the hopes of finding a deity that would take him in. When Shirou turned to look behind him where the voice came from he saw a petite girl with blue eyes and black hair tied into two twin tails that reach down to her mid thighs.Matou Sakura was beaming, she could lit the entire kitchen with her smile, after all, she was cooking with her senpai again after what felt like ages.

Emiya Shirou has been living in the Clock Tower with Tohsaka Rin and Saber for the past two years, and after an extremely demanding workload including trips all around the world with the enforcers, serving as guinea pig for one of his lovers, exhausting sessions tuning his reinforcements, reality marble and combat abilities with his other lover, he got some well-deserved vacation and went home in Fuyuki.

Being home again was doing wonders for them all. Even the bags under Rin's eyes were already dissipating. Shirou and Sakura finished transporting all the dishes to the table where a bemused Rin was sitting in a stare contest with Shirou's latest acquisition for his two girls: Cell phones. Why don't we just use the communication crystals that my father developed ages ago?

Carrying those crystals around are just impractical. Fujimura-sensei slammed the door open and ran into the living room. Everybody ate silently, as was the unspoken rule when Shirou cooked, and that made them jump when the ring of the cook's cell phone skyrocketed.

Shirou took a glance to see if Rin or Saber were messing with him using their shining new phones, only to see a death glare coming from four different people at the table, probably because of the interruption during the long awaited food. Emiya speaking. I-I mean 'what a surprise!

But ma'am, I just got home for my vacation. But I have one condition, you have to approve the latest fund petition for Tohsaka Rin's research. Talk to you soon. Rin's eyes widened and then narrowed. But if you leave me here today to go on a job, I'm going to kil I can't believe that!

You just got here. Where did I mess up on this kid's education. He was such a gentle boy and now he's a heartbreaker.

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That night, after Fuji-nee and Sakura left, Rin joined Shirou and Saber who were sitting on the red-headed's beloved porch and looking at the clear sky, she offered them a cup of tea. She waited until they took a sip at the smoking cup and asked Shirou. Mere demons are passive creatures molded by wishes of humans.

They kind of feed of human's bad emotions and soothe them. They aren't creatures that require enforcer hunting. She took a pause to sip her tea. One, if the demons are possessing people, but that's not likely, because even if the symptoms are inexistent at first, the human possessed progressively loses its humanity and attacks and feeds on other humans.

If that were the case, there would be ghouls and dead apostles suspicions, because the attacks are very similar. They are beings born on nature, possessing magecraft power way superior to mortals. And if there was interbreeding, that place could be residence to beings possessing a bloodline just like that troublesome 'Crimson Red Vermillion' from the Tohno family.

But nothing that I haven't faced before. The sky was clouded and the sun was setting when the group of enforcers got to their destination. After a few hours by train, Shirou already knew about the lives of the four enforcers. Donald Hughes, a gray-haired bespectacled man on his fifties, just couldn't stop babbling about his granddaughter. Showed pictures to everyone around - and it was indeed a cute little girl around 3 years old wearing pig tails.

Ernesto Cangliari was in his early thirties, had a nose of the size of a fist, fuzzy eyebrows and was fascinated about old Italian cars, it felt good to talk about cars with a magus, most of them just despise any form of technology.It's been a while since the end of the 5th failed Heavens Feel also known as the War for the Holy Grail. In the Clock Tower and the Magus association by extension, there are 2 things that are prohibited, research on Death Apostle's immortality, and Reality Marble.

Reality Marble

Death Apostle Research is banned and most people are put immediately to death due to the inherent danger not only to the practitioner, or the other humans, but due to the inherent probability to reveal magecraft to the world at large. The concept of a Reality Marble innate bounded field is having one's inner world materialized and projected onto reality following the World Egg theory. Generally, it is used to refer to the alien common sense of demons in that it is how demons perceive reality and how Reality Marbles themselves are the natural abilities of demons and elementals.

It is possible for humans to achieve this as an innate Bounded Field, though generally only in the cases of the powerful beings like The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors and the greatest of magi who have spent years upon years researching.

This ability is a similar and dissimilar method of "world creation" to Marble Phantasm, but rather than reshaping the world at their will, Reality Marbles allows only for the creation of a set world that defines the practitioner. They force all things to obey their rules, but it is limited only to that one pattern. It can be said that they can surpass Marble Phantasms at the same time, as they are capable of affecting things not of nature.

It is a magecraft that comes close to being real magic, and as a taboo among taboos and mystery among mysteries, it is one of the pinnacles for a magus for which research has been banned by the Mage's Association. Those that do have a Reality Marble would inevitably earn a Sealing Designation if discovered due to its nature as a unique magical ability that cannot be acquired through study and does not pass on to one's descendants.

Obtaining a Reality Marble is not something every magus can achieve through research. The created worlds are completely cut off from normal reality, projecting their internal landscape and sealing off the regular World. Following the World Egg theory, the actualization of a Reality Marble is the result of switching the Self and the World while keeping the boundary the same. The size of the Self and the World is switched, enclosing the World in a small container while the Self is expanded. The contained World is the World Egg and the name of the theory.

They will encase anyone within range, causing them to disappear from view. Magi are still able to feel the presence of the Bounded Field, and while they cannot be directly affected from the outside, a large burst of mana, such as Excalibur, may be able to disrupt them. The World constantly attempts to crush the unnatural bounded fields, as they are not created by spiritual beings, meaning that it costs a great deal of magical energy to construct one and keep it stabilized.

This generally only allows them to be used for a few minutes, but given their powerful nature, that is likely enough time to properly utilize them. Each world has its own set of patterns and rules, which can be said to be an invasion of reality by the diagram inscribed on the soul, and as it is just one aspect put into form, the user cannot add their own will into the form of the barrier.

Because of it, Shirou had to make a break else he would be used as a guinea pig and be examined to find how he managed to create it.

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Truly horrific experiments that only a magus could do, separate the soul, harvest skin, explore his brain, his cells and other organs and tissues… things that would be nigh impossible with conventional means. In order to escape the clock tower he decided to flee to America, they had their own magus association, however they were at odds with the motherland's one and thus in order to spite them they 'lost' Shirou's whereabouts.

Currently he was in Nevada, it was far away from the body of water, in the middle of the dessert, he went to a city called Death City, it looked a bit odd to him and Shirou could feel a strong power from within.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he concentrated on one of his magus skills. The power was huge, it was violent, but concentrated like a shield the thing that made Shirou almost lose concentration was the fact that it resembled a Boundary Field… yet he knew and felt it was just raw power, only an ultimate or a shinzo could be able to defeat something as powerful as that.

After getting off the bus he went to the vending machine, he needed something to eat and drink and a while to stretch the muscles. A 10 hr bus drive would do a work on your muscles after all. He opened his bag, in it he had some red cloth, it was actually a saint's shroud that protected the user from the elements, and as much as he hated it he decided to wear it, least he would bake under the hot Nevada sun.

shirou emiya reality marble fanfiction crossover

He got out of the bus station, it was a pain but he had no place to stay so he must wander around aimlessly for a while.Shirou glanced up at the never-ending golden portals as he begun to trace more swords. Up ahead, Gilgamesh looked down upon him as if he was puzzled. Even now, he could see the confusion within those inhuman eyes, as Gilgamesh tried to understand how a mongrel such as himself could be surviving the onslaught.

Shirou glared at the golden god as he started to trace. A beautiful golden light appeared, and his reality marble warped, as if the world was having trouble accepting such an existence.

A beautiful sword, a holy sword, a sword… that belonged to her. As Shirou raised the ultimate weapon, he remembered all the times she would berate him for working too hard or going too far.

And now, as his death towered above him, he knew. He had no regrets. Light begun to shine as Shirou heaved his weapon. Gilgamesh finally finished exposing his own weapon, and it too shone as it warped the reality marble with the immense power it contained. With iridescent light spilling from the sword? The reality marble begun to break within the seams.

Gilgamesh no longer had a puzzled expression, now he only had resolve as he begun to raise the weapon?

Reality Marble

Shirou's eyes stung as he pictured her standing next to him, encouraging him to finally finish what they had come to do. And as tears begun to drip, he swung. Shirou opened his eyes to an unfamiliar sight. His eyes took in the surroundings around him as he begun to groggily get up to a standing position. As he got up, he noticed something strange, he was in a forest?

Tall trees surrounded him, and the smell of the damp forest almost overwhelmed his senses. Speechless, he shook his head as he begun to tread towards a direction hoping for a clue, and clothes. He had walked for nearly an hour before he came across another living being.

A creature, that looked as if it was dragged from hell, and was apparently gorging on something. As he walked up towards it, the creature stopped and turned around. A ghastly face of something inhuman stared back at Shirou.Zelretch was bored, upon travelling many alternate universes He was really bored, He thought to himself.

It was the fact that Emiya Shirou's both magic element affinity and origin is that of a sword, not only that but he also saw that the boy has a Reality Marble and it's ability was even more amazing due to the fact that it can perfectly replicate any bladed weapon that the boy sees even with it's innate abilities and accumulated experiences but with the penalty of a rank down it's strength and also with the exception of replicating Divine Constructs.

The Old Magus smiled in satisfaction as he saw the limitless potential that the boy had. I welcome constructive crtiticizing because I see it as a method of improvement. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Unlimited Blade Works is a Reality Marble that has the ability to perfectly replicate every bladed weapon that Emiya Shirou sees even with it's innate abilities and accumulated experiences but with a penalty of a rank down it's strength and also with the exception of projecting divine constructs.

But what would happen if Shirou were to maximize that potential?

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Trial By Blades : Prologue Zelretch was bored, upon travelling many alternate universes He was really bored, He thought to himself. Prologue 2. Chapter 1 3. Chapter 2 4.

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Chapter 3 5. Chapter 4 6. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

shirou emiya reality marble fanfiction crossover

Close Working Terms of Service.I apparently made the mistake of uploading parts of chapter one in the prologue chapter. That explains why some of the reviews mentioned things that shouldn't be in the prologue. Edited the Prologue's formatting to improve reader experience.

It's now easier to tell who's talking. Emiya Shirou stared at the book in his hands, his eyes glossing over the words. He laid back on the bed, the sound of a distant shower the only noise in the room.

Shirou never had a habit of reading, but with life at the clock tower moving at a steady pace, he figured that it wouldn't hurt to pick up a new hobby. The book in his hand was fiction, written by one J. A woman, who, according to Rin, was a magus herself. The room's door swung open and the familiar scent of soap and shampoo met Shirou's nostrils. Tohsaka Rin, in all her grace and beauty, walked inside wearing nothing but a small towel. Sitting down on a study desk across from the bed, Rin glanced over her shoulder at Shirou.

What's this? You're already on the second book? Ever since the events of the Holy Grail War, Rin has taken it upon herself to, in her own words, 'make Shirou into a man.

For the most part, she seemed to be more focused on trying to get him to act more normal than anything else. And that meant finding him other things to do aside from pursuing his dream of becoming a Hero of Justice.

With Rin around, distractions were abound. And in a way, even Shirou admitted that was a good thing. The Fuyuki Fire consumed his memories. He forgot who he was before the flames engulfed the city. He forgot the faces of his parents, the looks his friends once gave him. The identity he once carried. And for a time, he became nothing more but the vessel of Emiya Kiritsugu's will.Sorry for being away for so long but was lazy after college had ended.

shirou emiya reality marble fanfiction crossover

That and had been bouncing ideas around my head for a while but I'll try to upload faster. To those who are a fan of my other Steelish Silver, sorry but I want to write what currently has my attention.

I'll update that soon enough. That and while this is somewhat based on Rusty Edge, the idea for Shirou's race came way before I read that story.

I was somewhat surprised to see a fic with a similar premise Fate: Hero and Sword by Parcasious but that's what I get for being lazy SOB but go read it as anything from Parcasious is good shit. Shirou sighed looking a rather aged looking helmet that was sitting beside his desk. It was his fourth helmet that he received over the years.

To be quite honest, it was the highlight of his life for over a decade. The Neural Nano-Interface was born in the year of and eventually was extremely widespread by the year Though the reason isn't simply because of its potent gaming and computing capabilities, but for protection as well. Society as a whole is more hostile towards potential criminals and has adopted a guilty till proven otherwise than vice versa.

Emiya's Unlimited Blade Works EXPLAINED: ARCHER'S True Power & Abilities - FATE / STAY NIGHT Lore

If Shirou was younger than perhaps he could have done something to improve society but that's not possible now with his current body. Now, perhaps he was forced to due to his physical limitations is content with living the rest of his life with this machine that changed his life or at least the way he lived his life.

Unlike most mages, the Reality Marble wielder was decently versed with technology though he hadn't picked up a smart phone until despite that technology being out for over a decade at that point. Before Waver Velvet now known as Lord El-Melloi II, one of the Masters of the fourth Holy Grail war passed away, the older man had given him this VR technology as a gift and then that prank loving Vampire gave him the new models every so often.

Shirou wasn't a person that sat down and played games unless an acquaintance wanted him to play but it was different these days. Back when the Neural Nano-Interface was restricted to military and medical use, the Faker at first used it to see how credible the claim that it could be used for military training was.

Back then in the initial model, it was far less sophisticated and was scrapped until technology was improved. It was discovered that it had a vast potential regarding those patients with incurable diseases and cancers, in that virtual world they could ignore the pain in their body.

Such an incredible technological progress.

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